the name of the dream

homicide in the flats

the feeling of drama was present from the beginning to the end of this seven or eight scene dream

on the top floor of an eight-storey block of residential flats

in the second scene, the lead psychopath and his lieutenant had caused the death of a small boy by tricking him into thinking he could climb down a rope to the ground

the strength in the young boy's arms had given out before he had shimmied down one floor

the psychopaths blood-lust had been awakened and the leader of the two looked around for another victim

i became fixed in his cross-hairs

the moment his gaze fell on me i recognised the danger and took to my heels

i managed to put a full floor between me and the two principle psychopaths

both of them were bigger and faster than me, so i had to come up with something, i looked for somewhere to hide

in the closing scene, am on the second floor and i could hear my pursuers getting closer


vividness 2.9 - participant - the category of the dream: murder () high building ()