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third dream


name of the dream: think-reading can be pleasurable


at first, and as is common with a think-read dream, it was stopping and starting when forming the sentences, which was a bit of a labour


quite quickly though it became easier and easier to read and eventually the sentences were forming as fast as i could read them


then, at the very end of the dream, it seemed as though the forming of the words and sentences and the reading of them was simultaneous


it seemed as though i was re-reading my own composition


it was a think-read dream about someone who had written a book


was think-reading a review of the book


the writer of the review went into an explanation of the author's life-experiences and explained that the author had been peer-pressured into writing the novel


the circumstances of author's life, the way he was expected to deliver an artistic work of art in line with family tradition and how his yearning to be an ordinary person, gave the novel a unique and insightful perspective


this think-read dream was a pleasure to read, the first time have got pleasure from think-reading in a dream


notes 1


it was calming and satisfying to be able to think-read the writing even though the reviewer used sophisticated literary skills


it may be there is a library of books available to the dream-time conscious


so when we want a change from box-montages...


notes 2


will check the time-tenses of think-read dreams to discover if they are mainly future time-tenses


if they are then our descendants are destined to re-write their previous literary works




the category of the dream: think-read () book ())


second dream


name of the dream: a menacing person


a wimp, who knew that i knew that he had the backing of violent friends and family, tries to intimidate me with the threat of violence


didn't hit him but threatened to and that was enough to bring on the wrath of his clan


a coward who is brave with a crowd to support him, and it must be said have come across women who used their aggressive family to get away with intimidating people, is a particular type of cowardice which brings out feelings of despicability in fair-minded men


sure enough, people came looking for me and at their first attempt to do "justice" only just managed to keep out of their clutches by a whisker by taking an unattended push-bike and peddling for it like mad


his connections went even further than i realised. the police were on my case as well


was in trouble and felt it was a matter of survival


it didn't matter where i went, a person or people on foot or in transport would appear in the dream


in another scene, still on the bike, three men in a car came up from behind when i was waiting at a busy roundabout


drivers had to swing around me and i was causing problems but it would be me who got hurt


at least this way there was a chance i wouldn't get injured


if the crew in the car behind got their hands on me they would have to mess me up as badly as being in an accident just to maintain their reputation


in a later scene, a policeman was talking to me about a petty point in the law concerning riding the bike


hadn't done anything wrong that mattered and was puzzled over why he had pulled me over


the conversation had been going on for a while before realising he was keeping me in one place long enough for the people looking for me to block off any way of me getting away again


this time there was no way the bike was of any use


i had to "leg-it" like the devil was after me


had slipped their clutches once again


the "hunt" was still on when this dream ended




was in my early twenties and at work when i came across an awake-time version of the wimp in this dream


the first time anyone spoke to him he would exhibit a genuinely aggressive attitude which made you think he would become violent to the point of being homicidal if you upset him


but this little rat, as i soon found out, went a step further, he exhibited his genuinely violent bent with women as well (if there's one thing that rankles men it's men who hit women and children


the staff of the company shared the tea-room and after i had seen him performing his act twice with males it seemed the best thing to do was not talk to him, which i didn't


he was like it with everybody except the administrators of the company


it didn't matter who spoke to him, he gave out with the truly menacing attitude


big guys, small guys, young women, old women they all got the "treatment"


there was one chap, a mini-sized hulk and an irishman to boot, who was unintimidatable and even-mannered and rebuked the little nasty and little rat fell as silent as a priest contemplating god


i realised, his violently dominating characteristics were natural but he had no courage


decided what to do


first, go and talk to him...


if there is another dream of a coward will insert an aside into the entry of the dream and complete this note


third dream


the name of the dream: the shoe wheeler-dealer


in the company of my peers, friends and friends of friends


someone mentioned he liked the style of my shoe's


the shoes were black and white without being garish and were latticed-leather on the upper-front


i thought they were pretty neat myself


i liked them so much i had bought more than one pair


it was a bit of good fortune that i just so happened to have the other shoes with me and realised the potential of a profit was in the air


in the next scene, there are at least three boxes of the same shoes being examined by the people in the room


money was being exchanged... i was in wheeler-dealer mode




cause of the dream: bought two new pairs of shoes recently and the boxes they were in are still in the living room ready to be re-used for storing other items