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the name of the dream: a con job


the opportunity to make oodles of money came my way


i could be the advertising agent and sole booking agent for short-term holidays and honeymooners


the location was a "lake" with fishing and boating facilities


i had struck gold


it wasn't until i went to take photo's of the "resort" for the advertisement that the awful truth of the situation revealed itself...


the lake turned out to be a stretch of water a hundred metres by three hundred metres


the near-side edges of the land next to the water was churned up and the far side was a uninviting, if it was accessible, wheat field


the boating had nothing to do with sailing but was rowing boats in a state of disrepair


the accommodation for newly-weds was the upstairs of a dingy mini-hanger with a corrugated roof where the rowing-boats and paddling boats were housed


but the at-the-door stalls and nearby-hot food restaurants were, in legal-speak, accurately described


a mobile food van with sandwiches, tea and hot dogs was within a few metres of the hanger and the restaurant was a fish and chip shop a hundred metres away


my job was to take photo's that fitted the worded description in the advert


if there was any come-back yours truly would be the whipping boy


notes 1


this is the way people who extract money out of people by misrepresentation get away with it


as long as their description of the goods or services are "legally" accurate, as would be the case in this dream, they are not con-men




this dream takes me back to the time when, as a budding photographer, i agreed to do a weekly glam photo for the local rag


on the third week, the "editor" (an ex-employee of the times) wanted me to ambush a male client of a call-girl set-up


at the designated time and place (a hotel room in the afternoon) i was to be in the wardrobe of a hotel room with camera ready and when a prearranged signal was given i would burst out of the wardrobe and make with the flash photography


i was game to start with but it dawned on me that someone who could afford an expensive call-girl would probably have the money to hire a couple of thugs to call on me


if there's another dream about a photography con of some sort i'll tell you, in an aside, of a really funny incident about what has to be one of the most brazen attempts by a man to get a woman to pose in the nude