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the name of the dream

the scary spider (not)


was looking at an inanimate yellowish something through a magnifying glass when i noticed a bit of movement


got a fine-pointed bit of metal and lifted the yellowish something to see what was underneath it


it was a spider


got some tweezers and was going to try and pull the spider out into the open and have a good look at it


when the grippy part of the tweezers got to within in a body's width of the spider it made an awful screeching sound


i pulled the tweezers away thinking it was a warning sound made by the spider to a possible threat


i'd never heard a spider make a sound before and wanted to hear it again


again, as the end of the tweezers got close to the spider it made a high-pitched screeching sound but now i could identify what the sound was


it wasn't a warning to a perceived threat but a spider-scream of fear


i called someone into the dream to hear what i was hearing


the sound was unmistakable


it was a scream of fear


a cowardly spider !


soon there were several people gathered listening to the sound it made


the scene changed, gravity was in charge of my movement and i was past the point of no return of being able to stop myself from lying down when someone threw the spider onto that part of the couch where my back would come into contact with the cushion


could feel the weight in my body and i was too tired to sit back up (the stand-out part of the dream)


the thought of the spider under me didn't bother me and began drifting off to sleep


to be on the safe side, just in case the spider hadn't been crushed by my weight as i fell on it, i moved my body around a bit


that should finish it off, i thought




vividness 3.3




the category of the dream: animal () insect () spider (1)