name of dream:

doggy dream 8


afternoon in a city centre


there weren't many people about for a large city


in the next scene am in the foyer of cinema and again not many people


in the next scene, i'm at the sweet counter deciding what to buy


decide to get three or four inexpensive single items and not one large packet of something


the next scene is in the park lounging in a lying position


a golden afghan dog is a few metres away


this afghan dog didn't have long hair though


it had a tuft of hair that covered its throat otherwise its coat of hair was about the same as that of a golden retriever


it was an attractive dog and was just standing there, perhaps it was looking for its owner or waiting for its owner to come or call it


two or three people beckoned the dog to them but it didn't respond


i held out a three or four- centimetre stick of pink candy and drew its attention to me


it made its way towards me and as it was almost close enough to get the sweet into its mouth i broke a small piece of the sweet off and put it on my chest


the dog tongue-scooped it into its mouth and waited for more


done the same thing again three or four times each time putting a bit of the sweet on different parts of my body


i put a piece on my ear and the dog licked it off and continued to lick my ear


at that point, the dog's owner appeared and stooped down close to me


the dog's owner was a woman


she dressed fashionably and had film-star looks


she had been watching the dog to see who it would go to and whoever won the confidence of the dog would be the person she would give herself to


in the next scene, we are kissing in earnest and we are both thoroughly enjoying each other


my friend alan is nearby

(he was an awake-time friend. we first met at junior school and would become inseparable as teenagers. he was exceptionally good looking and was a magnet for teenage girls. there were only three or four occasions during our long friendship when i bested him for the attentions of a girl)


the owner of the dog was so enjoyable to kiss it seemed the right thing to do to ask her to let my friend kiss her as well


she agreed and the dream ended




this is a and/or time-tense of 1, 2, 3, 4



qod 3.8


qos 3.6




second sleep


first dream


sex dream: s1


second dream


name of dream: teeth1


can't remember if there were any scenes or images pertaining to this dream before or after this dream sequence


as it is recalled... it was a single image with only the minimum of motion in it


it was of the head of a girl/woman


she was in her early twenties


she was smiling a teeth-smile


she exuded an air of confidence and happiness




this is a and/or time-tense of 1, 2, 3, 4


qod 3.8


qos 3.6




s-o teeth


notes 1


my ref: diagram; teeth1