name of dream: u.f.o.'s - sky-high car ride


first dream


a car and its passengers fell from the sky


there were three occupants in the car when it was taken into the sky


the occupants of the car came out of the sky ahead of the car and landed or were lowered safely to the ground


(see e.t. lowering people to the ground Here)


the event must have been announced beforehand because there were several crews from the media filming the event from the ground


the three men who were in the car were not scared about what had happened and were full of smiles and enjoying the attention they were getting as soon as they were on the ground


there was film of the event which included the car coming out of the craft and the men coming to the ground


the whole thing was as solid as a sighting could be and would convince everybody who would see the film of the existence of extraterrestrials




either an and or of time-tense: 2


qod 3.6


qos 3.3




vividness: 3.6


the stand-out part of the dream: the happy mood of the men as they were being interviewed


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: e.t.'s and ourselves are compatible


category of dream: u.f.o.'s


cause/s of the dream: had been thinking about looking on the net for new sightings and posting them


second dream


name of dream: money 10


three of us had come into possession of two suitcases with money and valuable possessions in them


the money was neatly arranged and the bulk of the money had money-bands around each wad


there were about ten wads of money in each suitcase that had money-bands around them and each wad had fifty notes of twenty pounds


the unwadded money looked to be about one-tenth of the amount of the rest of the money




either an and or of time-tense: 3, 6, 8, 9


qod 3


qos 3.3




vividness: 3.8


the stand-out part of the dream: counting the unwadded money


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: unsure


category of dream: money dream


cause/s of the dream: thinking about money and how much i would need to complete five projects currently being mulled over


third dream


name of dream: ten in a bedroom


think the ocassion was a wedding


the bride and groom must have been a very popular couple because people had come from near and far to be there


those people who couldn't get back home on the same day of the wedding were offered somewhere to sleep


one of the persons who offered sleeping accommodation said they could sleep eighteen people


the arrangement was nine women would sleep in one room and the men would sleep in another


the scene changed in the dream and i was now looking at the room where the men would be sleeping


the room could sleep nine people alright but it meant two groups of three men would be sleeping in the same bed and two other men would be sleeping on a mattress on the floor


what didn't look promising was that the room was big enough to house the beds and the mattress only if the beds and mattresses were touching, and i mean touching in the slightly scrunched up sense


the scene changed to the evening when the beds were occupied


as is the case with pre-planning, it looks great on paper but almost inevitably something unforeseen crops up


one of the men, or it might have been his partner, had decided they didn't want to be separated and so now there was a woman sleeping in the room


the scene changed again... the partner of the woman vigorously jumped out of the bed


the man who was on the other side of his partner had made a "move" on his wife or girlfriend and he was going to do something about it


he said "let's settle this outside"


the dream came to an end