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the name of the dream

the down-side of generosity


had made a really good contact of a hash-dealer


he sold me about four ounces of best quality hash in strips of half-ounces


the hash was brittle so the deal had about half an ounce in bits that had broken off the slab as he was cutting it up when he was weighing it out


made a gift of about a quarter to a respected tough guy not to gain favour but to let him know generosity could have had a good effect (he was one of those types of people who see generosity as a weakness)


so i knew straight away who had told the ruling criminal-class who sent two or three of their clique to dispossess me of my bit of good fortune


i was living in a first flat on the first floor and had fallen asleep in a little buggy-hole which wasn't where a person who was looking for another person would look


it was the sounds of the flat being trashed which had woken me


i peered through the door and there was a smart-dressed burly african bloke who didn't know where i was heading my way


behind him was the bloke who was turning the place upside down, not because he was looking for the hash but because trashing people and places were his nature


i kid you not, this guy had the build, and the character, of the cave-troll in the film "the lord of the rings"


he would have searched me in the same way he was searching the flat


he could and would have searched me by tearing the clothes off my body, causing me no-end of broken bones, cuts and abrasions


i was in deep trouble but woke up before he got to me


notes 1


this dream came about because of the impressions the film "atlantic city" made on me before going to sleep




vividness 2.8 to 3.1 - observer and participant - the category of the dream: drugs () hash ()