name of dream: gold and silver afoot


the third or fourth dream of this exact theme and the first scene


it is evening, i'm on my own and walking along a streets


a glint of colour draws my attention to an object on the ground


a closer look and i can see it's a pound coin


when i bend down to pick it up other coins are nearby


the coins are a mixture of pound coins and fifty pence and twenty pence pieces, there may be some ten pence and five pence coins as well


ten or twenty steps along and it happens again


only this time there is more than one pound coin and there are one or two fifty pence coins but there aren't any five ten or five pence ones


and so it goes for five or so more scenes


so now instead of seeing just one gold coin when i look without stooping down i see two or three coins and when i stoop down to pick them up there are even more gold coins with two-pound coins amongst them


at the end of the sequence of these scenes i had between one hundred and two hundred pounds


the dream changes scenes completely and a girlfriend of more than twenty years ago is in the dream


we are walking along


in this scene it's not a pavement-next- to-the-road scene but a metre-wide tarmac path that cuts through a football pitch-sized, and slightly muddy grass field, that links one stretch of pavement to another


the tarmac path wasn't in the original design plans for the estate but because people coming from a different direction had hewn out a path across the scenic-cum-playfield as it took sixty or seventy metres out of the walk from where they were coming from to the shops there were going to


the local authority had been forced to implement a solution to the resident's complaints that their children's play area was turning into a mudbath


at first, it is the two of us walking along the eighty-metre long tarmac path and i am telling her about what's been going on in my life


we are walking and talking when the same thing that happened at the beginning of the dream starts happening again


i tell her to watch what i'm doing


when i see the first coin i point it out to her and then bring her attention to the other coins nearby which she hadn't previously noticed


there are a couple more scenes of seeing and picking up the coins; by now it's almost exclusively gold coins


i explain to her that it appears to be only me that can see them as there are other people in this part of the dream who must have seen me bending down and picking things up from the ground as they approached from behind and then overtook us because we were walking very slowly as one of the passers-by started looking at the ground around his feet


the conversation was still about money


i related to her my recent financial dealings on the stock market and how the big financial institutions always come out on top because of their "trawling" tactic and asked her to evaluate (she was a maths student)

whether a countermeasure which had occurred to me looked as if it could work


the dream ended there




time-tense: the pound coins have the edges of the new ones that only recently have been brought into circulation which means this dream is a present time-tense dream


so it is either time-tense 2 or 4


quality of the dream 3.7 quality of the sleep 3.7


the stand-out part of the dream: the scene with the first two pound coin


the significance of the stand out part of the dream: wealth is a state of mind


if i had all the money i wanted i would still be writing this


cause of dream: the recognition earlier on in the day of the sentence above




category of dream: money/wealth (12)