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third dream

the name of the dream

for services rendered

was handed a lump of hash

the person who had just given the hash to me was an awake-time friend from eight years ago and he knew i would smoke all of it with him

he then showed me a gold dress-watch and said "i found it on the counter"

he wanted to know if it was valuable

he would know from my response if it was worth anything or not

he would either be bunging the watch in a drawer when he got home or he would be spending his night's down the pub for the next week or two

the watch was had a square body and it was one of those watches which was either going to be worth a lot of money or something you could use as a christmas-stocking filler

it had a two-line inscription below the twelve o' clock position and another above the six o' clock position

the words were difficult to make out and for half the dream i was looking at the watch from one angle and then another and then another... trying to catch the writing in the right light and make it readable

i was absolutely flabbergasted when i did make sense of the writing

it read "presented to endic.at for services rendered by ...?" and the end of the inscription read "a unique design by ...? ....?" and the date and place of the manufacturer"

it was much too elaborate a hoax for my friend to have put together

my friend asked again if it was worth anything and i could sense his anticipation

i was absorbed in thought and didn't answer him

second dream

name of the dream

in a hurry for hash

in prison in a narrow hallway where there was a lot of activity

the reason for the bustle was it was the prison's equivalent of the "happy hour"

the leading wheeler-dealer had got a new batch of hash and the buzz was he was doing good deals

didn't have anything to strike a deal with myself but there was someone i knew who had resources and was always ready to get high and would  definitely want some which in turn meant i would get some

told the person selling the "gear" to wait where he was for a minute to give me the time to get something he would accept in exchange for the hash; in this case, it was baccy

dashed to his usual haunts but couldn't find the person i had in mind so i nipped back to the man who was waiting for me and said it was going to take longer than i thought to get the baccy

as a seasoned wheeler-dealer  myself i knew from the look on his face that he had decided that i was not going to deliver my end of the bargain there and then

even worse, i might ask him to give it to me and i would "square-up" with him later

an agreement that nearly always results in the person doing the collecting chasing the owed-amount for days

the dream faded out

first dream

the name of the dream

future-tense website hosting

this dream was a think-read dream

was reading the comments of the most recent entry on my website

the comments were of the three-to-seven word type and there were six or seven of them

they were neatly laid out in coloured boxes in a line

one of them read... "i'm innit too"

decided to respond to the comment

the rest of the dream was me trying to access/activate the "reply-to" comments feature

managed to access one of the replies but, as is usual with my dreams, wasn't able to physically generate letters using the keyboard and type a reply

was between states of consciousness and was forming the question "has one.com got any plans to incorporate a message box into the website ?" as i woke



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