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the name of the dream: targeted programming


this think-read dream appears to be a memo or a summary of a new programme or stratagem being used to collect information about popular trends and interests for the purpose of ever-greater control or manipulation by those who seek ever-greater control of the manipulation of people


the memo explained the usefulness of a new spyware programme for the shadow government


"this programme is designed to gather information on what people are downloading and want to watch and find interesting and enjoyable without putting their identity at risk


the programme is designed to gather information on what people want/like by gathering their downloaded or viewed material and assess, using the mojo, what it is they find enjoyable in the areas of entertainment and media and use the resulting information to deliver a systems programme to deliver appropriately modified programmes


the programme is designed to provide the most enjoyable programmes via the delivery system, and most importantly, to asses the effectiveness of the programme in relaying modified information


the gathered information will enable the production of another programme which, through its mojo, will list for people programmes they find enjoyable and then use the response to the new programmes to develop more effective programmes


the purpose is to find the most suitable programmes to play with other programmes which then releases information and other programmes to find out what it is that people want to download in order to present them with enough relevant information to get them to sift or desist disallow or destroy any dreams they have about programmes on the internet being freely available for downloading..."


the memo went on for a few more long sentences but you've got the idea


the point is oligarch-controlled countries will use up the wealth of the country to control it




the category of the dream: think-read (19)






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the cause of the dream:


vividness: 3.3/4




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vividness: 3.5


location: 3


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