the name of the dream

sweet foods

was watching, or i may have been the waiter taking the order, as two young teenagers picked and chose dishes from an haute cuisine menu

all the foods had exotic names which i couldn't pronounce

i wasn't alone in not being able to read or speak the names of the dishes, the youngsters couldn't either

as the teenagers placed an order a description of the food and the way it was cooked became highlighted on the menu (the stand-out part of the dream)

it was the way the couple were choosing what to buy that was at the heart of this dream

it was like a couple of children with more money than they knew how to spend in a sweet shop

the name of every dish brought out in them a child-like excitement as they ordered, or as they were considering what to order

notes 1

somehow, we've got to take the personality we had as children with us into adulthood


vividness 3.5/6 - observer - the category of the dream: children () food () haute-cuisine (3?)