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the name of the dream

the con job


went to the pictures on my own


at the cinema i got into an argument with one of the employee's about how much i would have to pay


the manageress, miss tekla, was summoned


miss tekla recognised that my complaint, about an offer the cinema had made in an advertising campaign of a reduced price for tickets on a certain day, didn't specify which screen, of four or five different screens, the offer applied to was a valid complaint and offered me free sweet and savoury food items to offset the misrepresentation


she was over-generous with what i could have to eat


it didn't take me long to realise that the cost of the consumables outweighed the profit/loss of the price of the ticket


i pointed it out to her and suggested that i would waive the offer of food if i could have a seat in the front row (my favourite place for watching films) and pay for the food


a front-row seat would be the last of the seats to be taken and as it was unlikely the cinema would ever get a capacity house in the afternoon it made her decision easier


miss tekla saw the economic sense of it and agreed


i told her a friend was joining me, which he wasn't, and could she give him the same concessions she had given me


she said yes


i got on the phone and told my friend that if he could get to the cinema within fifteen minutes he could get in for nothing


he got there in time


we were settled into our seats with our sweets waiting for the film to start and feeling dead chuffed to have beaten the system when the dream ended