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the name of the dream

think-read dream:

bizzare incidents of unintentional deaths


was reading an article in magazine, or it might have been on the web, about people who had ben killed unintentionally


there was a list of about ten instances of people who had been killed in the most unlikely of ways and friends and relatives were trying to get an official acknowledgement of their deaths


the first was a man who had been whisked up into the sky


the man was an amateur meteorologist who had attached a device which measured an aspect of the low atmosphere to a sturdy length of metal wire which unwound from a very large fishing-reel-shaped drum


this account of a bizzarely unlikely circumstance was the only one of the ten or so instances in which visuals accompanied the description of the incident


there was a sequence of three or four one-second videos, each a zoom-in of about a second and which began where the previous sequence left off, of the increasing shock and disbelief on the man's face as he was vaulted upward


the remainder of the video sequence showed what happened


a low-level, supersonic, secretly-developed jet capable of about mach 5 at about one-hundred metres had snagged the wire and the man had somehow become entangled in the wire


the video also showed an orange/rust-coloured vapour trail left by the jet which dispersed within two or three seconds of it leaving the jets' engine


there was another two or three-second visual recording which captured the jet as it had gone past where the ametuer meteorologist lived


it showed the jets's vapour-trail going from being over where the man lived to dissapearing beyond the horizon in about one second


it had come and gone too fast for any of the detail of its shape to be visible


it was the latest bit of "kit" and there was no way the military-structure was going to acknowledge it existed


another incident, was of another man who had been seen running for his alongside a hedge life as a wheat-thresher was about to scoop him up along with the wheat


there was a reason why the man's death had not been acknowledged


i think it was something to do with a legal point which made the farmer responsible


the other accounts of unacknowledged deaths in this think-read dream were equally unusual in their own way


one which wasn't in the dream and sticks in the writer's mind was of an american husband and wife who had a deadly quarrel and it led to one or the other of them trying to kill his or her partner using a shotgun


the couple lived on the third floor of a seven or eight-storey block of flats that had been built along the high street of a town or city


the person who pulled the trigger of the shotgun missed the person he or she was aiming at and the shot went out of the window


a second or two before the gun was fired a man had decided to end his life by throwing himself off the top of the building


he was precisely in line with the window when the gun was fired and he died from the gunshot wounds before he hit the ground


the circumstances of the incident were such that the law didn't consider that the person who pulled the trigger had committed murder


however, unbeknown to the sucidee the owner's of the building had put up a suicide net the day before to prevent people from using the building to commit suicide


the person who pulled the trigger was guilty of murder


notes 1


there were times while think-reading the accounts of "bizzare incidents of unintentional deaths" when the writing became smaller and smaller and it got to the point where it dissapeared completely and visual content formed


this is the first think-dream for more than four months


is this to be the new format for think-read dreams ?


visuals taking over when the writing has laid a sufficiently comprehensive descriptive foundation and then the dream-conscious can then generate images


notes 1


i think this dream comes from thinking about unintentional murder during the day


people still do not yet fully understanding the consequences of taking life


no doubt, coming generations will ponder the circumstances surrounding unintentional murder in detail


the grey area is where reality is, for evermore, furnishing a greater quantity and love/life is adaping to that increase in an enviroment which contains The Principle of Indeterminacy


consider, the three of pi and the endless numerical sequence which follows pi


the universe is the three of pi and the straight line is the endless numerical structure 3.141...




vividness 3 to 3.7 - observer - the category of the dream: think-read dream which produced visual scenes



notes 2


even when the first formulations began more than thirty years ago the idea of increasing numerically was inherent in the writer's outlook and the avoidance of taking life became the number one priority




vividness 3.5 - participant - the category of the dream: computer () folders (2 ?)