name of dream:

multi-themed dream 100


a right old mish-mash of themes in this period of R.E.M.


can't remember all the details of every one of the dreams or the sequence they were played out and quite possibly every one of the themes isn't remembered


four of us were at a formal night out in plush surroundings


both the women were wearing white and the two men were dressed in a black suit with a white shirt


things were going swimmingly when the tone of the dream changed and the man became concerned that something had happened to his wife or companion


he began relating to me what sounded like a conspiracy against him and that the disappearance of the woman was an attempt to coerce him


the next scene involved an awake-time* friend from some years ago


he was explaining there was the chance of exposing putin of being a heroin addict which would weaken russian influence and credibility on the world stage and predispose the collapse the Oligarch structure


a think-read dream


it was from wikipedia


it was a request from wikipedia for a donation


i am currently making a donation of £2 a month


as i began reading it, it became obvious that i was going to be asked to increase my monthly debit


in this think-read dream, it was possible to predict and replace the words because the message was already clear before i had finished reading it


...external factors have caused me to leave the computer for today...






1, 3, 4, 7


qod 3.8


qos 3.6








notes 1


the phrase "awake-time" and the phrase "dream-time" are both states of consciousness


it is becoming clear that the two easily-recognisable different conscious-states will, on the way to attaining Transmutation, be routinely inter-changeable


it is reasonable and sensible to consider that in the same way that our current state of awake-time is the more prevalent state at the moment the polarization of the two states changes and the dream-time aspect of our consciousness becomes the dominant state of consciousness and the awake-time becomes less accessible with the eventual outcome that transmutation can be defined as that moment when the awake-time state is no longer a part of our consciousness as we begin the experiencing of timelessness...


notes 2


is wikipedia in such dire straits that it needs to appeal to people who are already donating and if so is it because that the average person finds wiki to high-brow to be of any use to them ?


if that is the case then wiki might want to consider a different or new presentation of the vital knowledge it shares with us


wiki is undoubtedly a valuable database of knowledge


it is also undoubtedly a fact it is just too formal for the average person


it was Niels Bohr, alone amongst his peers, who recognised the need to express knowledge in a way that ordinary people can understand


who knows, perhaps ordinary people would respond to the request for a donation if they could grasp what it is that wikipedia is sharing




here's an interesting little twist...


went to the mailbox late on in the day yesterday, after posting this diary entry


there was a mail from wiki which had arrived the day before


the mail apologised for having sent me a letter asking for a donation when i was already donating


the error was due to wiki having two email addresses for me


if i had read the mail before the sleep which produced the think-read dream i wouldn't have had the think-read dream and notes 2 wouldn't have been written


there will be people who will have read the entry yesterday but will not read this p.s. and will consequently have thoughts and opinions which are incorrect !


will leave things as is, it may cause pause for thought for someone, somewhere, sometime