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the name of the dream

the sure-footed toddler


on a sunny summer's day outside the flat of where i used to live before where i live now, there was a steady procession of people i knew who walked down a flight of fourteen brick stairs


in all, there were four groups of people known to me who walked down the stairs and each different group was a different scene of the dream


it's unnecessary to give an account of the manner of the way each group of people made there way down the stairs, suffice it to say, a few lines could be written about each group which would distinguish the personalities of one group from another


the last group to walk to down the stairs was a family of four, two adults and two children


the youngest of the children, a toddler of two or three were ahead of the rest of the family


she was much too young to be allowed to walk, though navigate would be a better description, down the stairs herself and i felt angry that her parents were letting her try


each tentative step she took could have been the one before she lost balance and fell and hurt herself, which i was expecting her to do on any of the fourteen steps


it wasn't until the thirteenth step that she momentarily lost balance but managed to rectify her imbalance and took a confident final step onto the level ground




vividness 3.8 - observer - the category of the dream: friends/acquaintances () toddlers ()




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