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the name of the dream



the main theme of this dream was measurements


the most vivid scene was a marksman who had a handgun that looked like a flare-gun


the barrel of the gun was about five centimetres in diameter


the marksman rested his firing arm on his folded left arm and aimed at a length of a tube the same diameter as the barrel of the gun about five metres away being held out at arm's length by the marksman's assistant


the projectile or bullet was about ten centimetres long and the same width as the tube the man standing five metres away was holding


the projectile could be seen in flight just before it entered the tube


very impressive


a similar exhibition of accuracy was of an object being dropped from a height of about twenty metres into a container


there was no leeway in where the object to be dropped could land


it had to be, and was, accurate to within a centimetre


in another scene, there was a woman behind a glass kiosk cum office who was being short with her words which were being delivered with a sneer because i didn't know what everybody except me knew, namely... there was only one way a person could apply an estimate of food over money


there was a scene involving a rabbit, but i don't remember the reason it was the object of the dream