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the name of the dream: snow-prison


second dream


in prison and i wanted to escape from it


the prison was in a clearing in a forest or at the edge of a forest


outside there was snow on the trees and the snow was thick on the ground


there was no chance of trying to bribe the guards to help me escape, it would have to be done in a roundabout way


it was a cunning plan, first, i had to bribe the right people to get me a fish and chips meal


the people who i approached were big-stomached men who liked food themselves and could sympathise with someone who wanted their favourite food over and above everything else and would be less likely to think of it as being part of an escape plan


i had convinced the two men involved that fish and chips were something i missed more than anything else in the world and i would pay handsomely if i could only have my favourite meal of fish and chips, something which was never served as a meal in the prison


it would have to be a hot meal because that was one of the things which couldn't be brought into the place without other people becoming aware of it and someone would have said something which in turn would have turned the spotlight of suspicion onto the guards


arranging the meal had cost me a small fortune


because the food couldn't be brought into the buildings i would have to eat the food outside


i was outside when the first shafts of the headlights of the car penetrated the forest


what others thought was someone giving me a meal was a colleague taking me to freedom


first dream


the name of the dream: mice in a store


a neighbour from six years ago knew i was going into town and asked me to pick up a lightweight raincoat that had been altered


got to the three-storey store where he had bought the trousers and went up the escalator to the first floor


as i was going to the collection counter a couple of children aged five or six were making excited sounds about something


as i got closer i could see what they were excited about


there was a mouse with a dark fur under the bottom shelf of a wall display


the mouse was straight out of a child’s film; there was a mouse with a dark fur under the bottom shelf of a wall display


its whiskers were twitching and its eyes suggested an intelligent awareness


i would show the children that mice were friendly


i produced a nugget of food about the size of a pea and bent down and held it out near enough for the mouse to get without having to come out of the cover of the shelf


the mouse took the morsel and delighted the children when it began tucking into it


within a second or two of dream-time, another mouse appeared but i didn't have anything to give it


so i held out my finger thinking it would come close and let me stroke it


it came close alright, close enough to bite into my finger, thinking it was a food-offering no doubt


the scene changed and i was walking out of the store with the raincoat and there were two uniformed police officers, a woman and a man, checking the items people were taking out of the store


i made a joke about something and the dream ended with the sight of the two smiling police officers


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