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second dream


the name of the dream: a crowded bus


got on a bus, went upstairs and sat on the front seat


within three or four stops the bus was full up and i could feel the person next to me pressing against me


the pressure of the person seated next to me was increasing when the dream ended




vividness: 3.1




the category of the dream: bus-travel: () pressure against the body: (1)


first dream


the name of the dream: intellectual property


a think-read dream about rights of ownership


it went along the lines of...


"the automatic removal protocol (a.r.p.) of content has been completed


all material which is listed in the a.r.p. has successfully been removed


if you wish to add content belonging to ... ? (the name is forgotten) you must now re-submit an application to access ... ? content"


the message went on forever


notes 1


when i woke up from this dream it brought to mind another think-read dream which seemed to be a prequel to this one and i spent seventy-five minutes looking for it in the database


couldn't find it


i know i had the dream within the last couple of months but i must have decided not to enter it into dreams diary


not entering dreams, for whatever reason, can bring about the loss of vital understandings and formulations with applications which would have enriched our circumstances


the more this website tries to streamline or condense the methodology of dreams theory the more the dreams demand to be expanded




vividness: 3.3


the category of the dream: think-read () copyright: (1)