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the name of the dream

the china connection


am a millionaire in this dream


decide to put a million pound into a heroin drug "sting"


had made the first contact with a chinese supplier


the next step, getting the drug into the country, was more dangerous


it involved a british contact and straight away the deal felt like a double-cross was imminent


it meant telling someone i knew what i was doing in case i was arrested for the crime somewhere along the line


it was decided that a letter explaining what i was doing should be left with a commissioner for oaths or a solicitor


then there was a chance that the oppressors would become aware of the precautions and make it a matter of national security and i would be framed


was still trying to work out the best way to cover myself when the dream ended


this dream was the result of thinking about the destructive effect of heroin in places like britain and america during the day (see link 1 and 2)


Link 1... governments importing drugs



Link 2... governments importing drugs




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