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the name of the dream

luxuriously-warm in a stark environment


the dream opens as a single person is taking in the sight of a dome-shaped cavern about fifty-metres high and about the same distance ahead


in the next scene, i am in front of a small stall waiting for someone to hand me a large cup of coffee


while waiting for the coffe music begins playing out


the music has a beat and i begin to move and sway to the song and eventually lift my feet and do a couple freestyle movements


at the end of one of the freestyle movements that encompassed a one-hundred and eighty degree turn, a girl about my size has deftly placed herself in a position so that at the end of the turn we are face to face and almost touching


we begin dancing smooch-fashion but in an energetic way


in the next scene, we are back in the cavern


the cavern has got more detail in this scene


there are high ridges of rock which seperate one part of the cavern from another


in one of the distinctly seperate part of the cavern there is a small area that is slightly elevated and it has seating and floor-lounging cushions where a person can stretch out


in the next scene, i am seated close to the floor leaning back at about forty-five degrees with my thighs bent also at about forty-five degrees relative to the floor


the girl who joined me in dancing in a previous scene comes and sits astride me with her back resting on my thighs


the girl, an african girl i think, has coffee-coloured skin


her hair is styled in about forty ringlets that reach down to her chin and are level all the way around her head


i stretch out my legs so now they are at about twenty-five degrees and simultaeneously straighten out my upper body which causes her to be more in a lying than a sitting position


we haven't yet spoken a word to each other


she puts her hands around the back of my head in response to me cupping the back of head with both my hands


we nestle into each other, first cheek to cheek and then our faces are burrowed into each others neck with our lips resting on each others necks but not kissing


for a while we hold that position


it is while are lips are touching each others skin that a warmth that i have never felt before washes through my body and mind


while wallowing in the feeling the girl breaks away from me and speaks for the first time


"? (someones name) will get half of the money and you will have the other half"


at that moment it was a completely inappropriate thing to say


it broke the magical moment and i had to try to regain it


i needed to do away with any notions that money would have anything to do with our being together


i said, and could hear myself saying as i woke up, manner "i have got, and can get, as much money as i will ever need"




vividness 3.3 - participant - the category of the dream: love relationships () african (3?)