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the name of the dream

miss penny

it was known within the second second of the opening scene of this dream that miss penny was an oligarch "plant"

miss penny had gained notoriety within the last year and in this dream, she is into the half-hour after having had her "15 mins"

miss p's claim to misfame is that she had, with the blessing of the "garch's" (an abbreviation of "oligarch"), been given carte blanche to criticise "the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" through the mainstream media

one of the words she had used in her one-line attack of the show was "trite" which, mysteriously, had produced a wave of indignation which threatened to set fellow man against fellow man

her refusal to recant left deep scars in society, which are still reverberating in the time-tense in which this dream is set

miss penny herself was a slight young lady, six-and-a-half stone tops, and about five-feet-four

she has the complexion of a person with ginger hair and wears her jet-black hair tight and swept to the back of her head

she had been briefed that she wouldn't get what she wanted from me and her mission was to find a way into my life and create havoc

even though i was aware of her motives i decided to let her into my life and bed her as quickly as possible

the intention was to turn the tables and get her to join me in my purpose in life, so i invited her to come back to live with me

in one scene, i knew she had done her homework when she asked me to fetch an amplifier (she indicated the size of the amp by holding out her arm with her flat palm facing down at about half a metre from the ground) from where she lived with her last boyfriend, saying it was the only thing she wanted

in another scene, although she had an intense and determined attitude she gave me a genuine smile when i said "if you're not careful i'll start calling you miss prettypenny"; alluding to miss moneypenny

we were beginning to understand each other

notes 1

this dream was a fun dream

i took too long to get this dream typed and the humorous feel of the dream has been lost

notes 2

the dream was the result of watching twenty minutes of the film ""the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" before going to sleep


vividness 3.3 - participant - the category of the dream: women () relationships ()