name of dream: buidings in the dark


was with an acquaintance from fifteen years ago and he takes me to his latest hangout, a castle


at the top of the castle, there was a steeple with small ledges that got narrower the further up it went


at the very top, the ridges weren't deep enough for the sole of the foot to take the weight of the body


i tried to get my big toe to take my weight but it couldn't take it and i lost my footing and balance and the scene changed as i was slipping back down the steeple


in another scene, i was in what looked like an abandoned warehouse and as i made my way to a window to get out i saw a partly rolled large cigarette and picked it up and finished rolling it


in another scene, i was looking for the person i was with at the beginning of the dream


i heard his voice coming through a hole in a small broken window and was looking for a way to get into the building when the scene changed


in another scene, i was at an open window which anyone who wanted to get into the building could have used to gain entry


in the next scene, a young male propped a board against the wall next to a window frame that didn't have any glass and gave the window the appearance that the building was occupied and someone was in


in another scene, was walking away from somewhere with another male and each of us had one arm about the shoulder of the other


every scene in the dream was dark




quality of the dream 3.2 quality of the sleep 3.6


vividness: 2.7