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second dream


name of the dream

after the dirty work comes the rewards


in the first dream, i was in what appeared to be a care-home


the care-home was clean, quite brightly lit with lots white and other shades of reflective colours


i had soiled my pants


i was too embarrassed to tell anyone and was looking for somewhere to clean up


the washroom didn't have a sink big enough to wash the clothes and besides, it was too public


a woman was pressing me to come and join a group that was one of the highlights of the social day


"i've just got something to do and then i'll be coming," i told her


the woman wanted to get to the group as quick as possible and left me


i eventually came across a shower and bathtub and began showering


the water coming out of the shower was alternating between too hot and cold every three or four seconds which meant there was a one to a two-second window when the water was at the right temperature


it took ages to get myself and the clothes acceptably clean


the scene ended there


the whole tone of the dream changed and for the next five scenes of this period of r.e.m. the dream sequences got better and better


first was when mohammed ali appeared on the landing outside of the room i was in and said "i want you to come to a celebration"


i asked him why me and he said "you'll find out when you get there"


it was obvious that a surprise waited for me but i couldn't think what it could be


the next scene had marvin hagler in it


he knew that something special was in store for me and said something along the lines of "see you in a bit"


in the next scene, i was telling people of my invitation and the people i told hinted or asked me to take them as a guest


i was experiencing a sense of elevation as the clamour around the requests to go with me grew


in the next scene, i had just walked through the door of a popular pub in a city i used to live in


everybody who walked through the door got the once over but i was high on life and it was me who was giving them the once over


people turned their heads to their company or picked up their drink when i looked in their direction


that sort of thing didn't happen in this pub


i was in a supremely confident mood and was gliding rather than walking


in the next scene, was at home


had just arrived after being away for a length of time sufficiently long enough for my return to cause a celebratory mood


one young lad led me upstairs and steered me into the bathroom


two people were already in there


he told them to give me a smoke of the hash


they apologised and said that there were only crumbs left, which there was


whatever it is that sets the tones of dreams it wasn't going to let a simple thing like someone not having hash change the mood


i said something along the lines of "looks like i got back just in time" and produced a lump big enough to keep us going for the night


the mood of the dream vaulted to a new high, in both senses, it was top grade gear, and the party mood grew


in the next scene, i am at home and alone when callers arrive


it is a young couple with two children


both children are toddlers and both are girls


the mother and the youngest of the two girls come through the door last


i looked beyond them to see if there was anybody else and the woman or the man said "it's just the two of us"


the youngest of the two girls was a wide-eyed seeing-things-for-the-first-time child and i could see she was ripe for my brand of seduction


i lifted the pitch of my voice to squeaky level pointed at her while looking at her said something like "i thought you said there were only two of you. there's someone else here"


i held out my hand to her and said "c'mon"


she automatically held out her hand and let me lead her


she was mine


first dream


the name of the dream potentially dangerous


it was nighttime and i had hitched a ride with the two-times world's strongest man geoff capes


he never initiated any talk and when i said knew who he was it didn't get more than a nod of his head


i wouldn't have spoken at all if it wasn't for the fact he was driving like a bat out of hell and i thought that if he started to talk he would slow down


i tried again to get him into a conversation by asking him if he thought the camaraderie between competitors had changed over the years


i said, "there used to be a friendly ribbing between the sportsmen and that made the competition more enjoyable."


he agreed with that and made a two-sentence reply


it worked and he did slow down very slightly for a few seconds but then picked up speed again


as mentioned, it was nighttime and the lights of the car didn't pick out any detail in the road beyond forty or fifty metres


at the speed, we were going that just wasn't enough distance to make an emergency stop


we were going well over a ton


the thought crossed my mind that i would get hurt if the car did crash and then immediately amended the thought


hurt, who am i kidding, i wouldn't survive a crash at the speed we were going


the dream ended just then








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