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the name of the dream: the house next to a road with a very steep slope


the ridiculousness of it


it was all wrong but there it was


neither the house nor the road should have been there


at the front of the house the lie of the land to the left of the house was level with an asphalt road that marked the left extreme view of the scene; whether the asphalt road connected to other roads somewhere to the left wasn't in the dream


the twenty-five metres to the front and left of the house to where the road began its decline on the right of the house a was a two-lane, asphalt road with a decline of about twenty-five degrees


from the top of the road to the t-junction at the bottom was about a hundred and fifty metres


it was unlikely a person could walk up the steep and there could be serious repercussions for someone going down it if they lost their balance and it was and accident waiting to happen for any vehicle


at the rear, the ground sloped at about ten degrees over eight-hundred metres


there was a one-vehicle wide road with winds in it which helped offset the angle of the descent/ascent


the winding road snaked its way off into the distance to the right and looked like it would join the road that branched to the road that ran from the left of the t-junction at the bottom of the decline at the front of the house


there were no other buildings of any sort in the dream


the house was isolated


the person who chose to live there must have had a lot of money or a lot of influence or both