the name of the dream

computer in charge

to watch films on the t.v. i put the video files onto a usb after downloading them from the internet

occasionally, there would be weeks and months between changing one batch of films for the next

waiting for the thumbnails of the films to show on the t.v. screen took longer and longer and every so often the t.v. went into "lockdown (waiting-for the-circle-chasing-itself to stop) ) " which made every film on the usb inaccessible and that meant the only way to watch the films on the usb was to do a factory reset on the t.v.

it took forever to do a t.v. reset so i decided to reformat the usb instead

that did the trick and it only took seconds to do

the next time the t.v./usb interaction got sluggish i put the usb into the computer to re-format it

instead of being given the options for re-formatting the usb the computer generated a black-on-white message which read "do not re-format"

"ah well", i thought, "the computer knows what's best" and didn't override the computer's suggestion

notes 1

there's a thought-provoking association between awake-time experiences and dream-time experiences taking place

in this dream, there is an intricate weaving of present-time and the other time-tense-memories taking place

the t.v. not loading, the t.v. going into "lockdown" and the use of usb sticks are present-time memories but reformatting the usb and the pop-up message are of another time-tense

the ever-elaborating fusion between the dream-time conscious and awake-time conscious is taking place

we have yet to incorporate love-time (see heaven) into the formulation!


vividness 3.4 - observer and participant - the category of the dream: computer () usb (1)