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the name of the dream: larger than life


a one-scene dream of an office


the office went off into the distance as far as the eye could see


it was well lit and it followed the curvature of the lie of the land


it reminded me of the time when i was five and the family went on a holiday to the seaside and i saw the sea for the first time


there was an air of anticipation of seeing the sea


the person driving the car said "we'll see it when we get to the top of this hill"


as we went over the brow of the hill the land fell away and joined an expanse of greyness bigger than anything i had ever seen or imagined; it was bigger than the sky


the impression of the image of that moment is still fresh in the memory when my mind was presented with a new perspective of size


this office was like that


at the furthest point, the office looked to be dozens of kilometres away


the office looked as though it occupied the entire surface of whatever it was it was built on


like my first sight of the sea, it could quite easily have gone all the way around the planet




vividness: 3.8


observer ?


category of dream: size: () office: (1)