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the name of the dream

running late


had to make a train journey and arranged to meet and talk to as many different groups of people as possible on the way


the people would be in groups of three to five and would be in spread along all the carriages of the train


managed to join the train at the second stop


not everyone knew what i looked like and as i went to my seat and passed people they were looking and talking in a dejected mood


they assumed i had let them down


what would have been a relaxed five or ten minutes with each group meant to make amends i would have to put on a "show" and was mentally preparing to be effusive and witty as the dream ended


notes 1


vividness (see addenda below) represents the Time-Tense of the dream


the vividness rating indicates the likelihood of the dream happening in a future time-tense of awake-time


a rating of 5 would be a dream that is as clear as a summer day and is most likely to happen again in the future of awake-time whereas 2.5 and below are events that are less than likely to occur in a future time-tense


participant means it is something the dreamer has experienced


to be an observer in the dream is an event, experience, etc. that the dreamer has witnessed


the category of the dream is for evaluation and reference




vividness: 3.4




the category of the dream: train () people () socialising (1)