name of dream:

a night out 1


it was evening and i was on my own


seemed a good idea to go and socialise, perhaps find someone and fall in love


went to one of the more popular drinks and dance places


it had a low roof, two and a third metres or so


there were one metre wide round pillars spaced evenly at about three metres apart


it looked as though there was thirty or forty of the cylindrical columns


there was a wooden collar that went around the pillars at a little below chest height


the collars were deep enough to rest the elbows on


against two of the walls and forming an l-shape were comfortable-looking sofas which could set three people


it was mainly males in the drink and talk area and they outnumbered the women by three or four to one


still, it was fairly early and the ladies wouldn't want to get there too early, it might give the wrong impression


i got a drink and went and sat on the comfortable seating next to the entrance doors which led to the dance area


the lounge seats were, unbeknown to me, exclusively for the women


i started getting glares from the men


i could see something was upsetting them but was completely in the dark as to what it might be


the longer i sat there the more people turned to look and i could see some muttering going on among the men as they looked at me


i knew trouble could flare up but i assumed someone would come and tell me what is that was wrong before it got to that stage


someone came over alright, in fact, three someones came over


they thought i was deliberately provoking them and weren't about to engage in dialogue


they were ready to wade in as the dream ended




time-tense: present and past tenses


qod 3.1


qos 3.4




vividness 2.9


stand-out moment:



i thought and felt as though i'm not properly understood by other men and it is causing unnecessary friction


notes 1