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the name of the dream

feeling the pinch

the first scene, it was first thing in the morning when i entered through the large glass doors of one of the high street supermarkets

it wasn't a fly-by-night, here today, gone tomorrow, company but one of the long-established national brand-name food chains

to my left and on the floor, laid out and covering an area of about four by four metres were what looked to be two or three hundred small glass jars, all the same size (about ten centimetres in height and five centimetres across) were jars with screw-on lids

just in front of the glass jars, there were items which were too big to fit into the jars

most of the items not in jars were in see-through packets

one of the items not in a packet and too big to be in a jar caught my eye and i bent down and picked it up to take a good look at it

when i was standing up and it was in my hands i saw it was a mobile telephone

the phone was a stretched oblong shape, typically thin and cream in colour

the phone had a small white price tag sellotaped on the front with the price written by hand, it was £32

as i was looking at it one of two men in white shirts standing nearby approached me and said, nodding to my right "you have to take it to the pay-desk over there"

the phone was an absolute bargain and anyone who was thinking of buying or upgrading a mobile would have snapped it up

it wasn't my style though, it was long enough but it was too narrow

i put it back on the floor and while bent down picked up one of the jars which had five or six rechargeable aa-sized batteries

my guess was they had come from a packet which had come apart

again, it was another snip of a buy and was on the verge of walking to the cash desk with them when the thought that they weren't new but might have been used and then returned, crossed my mind

it wasn't beyond the bounds of reasonable and legal selling practices for a firm to sell something as new without stipulating it wasn't

i put the jar down and went off to buy what it was i had come shopping for, food, i think

after the above dream there was a single-scene

it was, i am reasonably sure, of myself

notes 1

when the dreamer, for one reason or another, gets the feeling that a scene is of self, it shall be categorised as a "Selfie-Scene" dream

there was a little movement in the scene so it won't be categorised as a pic although there have been several of these "selfie-scene dreams" over the years that did look like portraits of self (we can assign still pics of self as "selfie-portraits")

as with the majority of other "selfie's", it isn't clear cut it is of self, however, as they are "stand-alone" scenes and pics that are not in amongst dreams with scenes, i don't know what else to call them

it will have to be left to the dreamer to determine whether it is self or not

as with other selfie-dreams and pics they can be flattering or downright grotesque, the one in this dream sequence was "acceptably" me


vividness 3.3 - observer - the category of the dream: selfie-scene (5 ?)