name of dream: an inspector calls


had upset the oligarchs past the point of their ability to tolerate me


if i was evicted it would put an end to me airing anti-national sentiments


i would be reduced to a soapbox on a street corner


the grounds for eviction was based on the flimsiest of laws


"using my abode for the purpose of the dissemination of information which could could mislead people"


the laws which protected a residents right to accomodation were much more staunch


the dream begins with me in the hallway behind a barricade of furniture and sturdy items and keeping them in place by leaning and pushing


it's going to take a while for the bailiffs to get it


i phone the police


a flat-hatted inspector arrives complete with an upright posture and a conductors baton under his arm


he listens to both sides of the argument


he moves ten metres away from the door and makes a phone call


he is getting legal advice


within a couple of minutes he pronounces that i have the right to remain




quality of the dream 3.5 quality of the sleep 4


the stand-out part of the dream: the inspector arriving


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: support


cause of the dream: wondering what the inner-clique of the oligarch structure expect of me during the day




category of dream: pde's-influenced


vividness: 3.6


second dream


name of dream dream: a cat with eight lives


standing at a bus stop which was on a busy dual carriage way


there were seven or so other people there as well


the stop was the one before an international airport


most of us were looking in the direction the bus would be coming from


a juggernaut passes by


it is no more than ten metres past where we are standing when the sound of its air brakes accompanied by the sounds of metal under strain fills our ears


we turn and look and see the lorry shuddering and juddering to a halt


it stopped in an impressively short distance


i stooped to look under the truck


i didn't know what i expected to see


it was a pleasing sight; it was a white cat sitting in a haunched position with its tail lying along the length of its body


i started walking to the back of the lorry rubbing my forefinger and middle finger against the thumb and making squeaking sounds by sucking air through my pursed lips


it was moving towards me and was just about in touching distance when the dream ended




quality of the dream 3.7 quality of the sleep 4




category of dream: cat (10)