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the name of the dream


observing the rooftops of the houses as seen from the left-hand side of a train or bus moving from left to right

first, there was four or five rooftops in the scene, which then became, in the second scene, the first four or five houses in the first scene plus another four or five rooftops of the next row further away

the next scene, had another row which showed three tiers of houses, the next scene, four tiers and eventually the scene showed dozens and dozens of rows of houses stretching off into the distance

the houses were too close together for there to be a road between the houses

then i thought to myself "there must be some roads"

the next scene, magically the scene showed an expanse of a built up area with a busy two or three-lane highway

the three-lane highway was the only road in the dream

the demarcation line between where the front lawns and the back gardens met was at the discretion of the occupiers

there were some appealing flower arrangements and generally it appeared to be an harmonious arrangement so it will be assigned a future time-tense

the stand-out part of the dream was the third or fourth scene which showed the extra space that was freed up when roads were designed out of residential areas


vividness 3.5 - observer - the category of the dream: surburban housing (1)