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the name of the dream: killer whale in the swimming pool


it was party-time


there were two rows of lights from the back of the house leading to a large swimming pool thirty metres away


i was the only person at the pool, others would be along soon


i got into the pool and then ducked under the water to see if the lights were visible, they were


when my head was back above the water-line i saw a killer whale at the far side of the pool, it seemed to be stationary


it didn't give me cause to be concerned, after all killer whales are quite friendly


then it wasn't to be seen, it was under the water and out of sight


now i was on edge


i needed to see it


i dipped back under the water-line but still couldn't see it


it was possible it was coming at me from an angle


by now i was too far away from the side of the pool to get out of the water before the whale got to me


i stuck my head above the water and took a big gulp of air and went back under the surface


i would be better off if i could see it coming


after a few seconds of dream-time my lungs were ready for more air


what should i do ?


the longer i left it the greater the chance the whale would be on me but the thought of it catching me unawares from under the water if i stuck my head above the water for more air was my greatest fear


my lungs were at bursting point


i felt myself take a gasp/gulp of air as i was waking




the category of the dream: water: () swimming pool: ()


vividness: 3.4