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second dream


the name of the dream: someone out there...


had just purchased a new programme and was looking at the options before running it


there was a complimentary programme which came with the main programme


as i read what the extra programme could do its usefulness revealed itself


it could hone in on any part of the main programme and fine-tune it to the nth degree


the main programme itself was a tool for fine-tuning applications


the extra programme took efficiency to a completely different level


it gave the computer the means to raise the accuracy of any other programme installed on the computer well beyond the specifications that came with the original programme


the "add-on" was more valuable than all the other programmes on the computer put together


it was like someone had taken the latest bit of space-age military technology and bundled it in with a typically handy programme by mistake


not only that, there were four copies of it


the programme was in a visual form


it was a triangular tube with rounded corners


along one side of the triangle was a dark metal corkscrew, along another side was a ball in fluid and on the other i think it was a scale with a red dot of light


when using the programme the three different mechanisms changed the pace they moved at from imperceptibly slow to too fast for the eye distinguish


imagine being able to select one letter from a document and saturate it in whole or in part with as many pixels of any colour and make the letter turn on its axis while making it glow and dim as it increased and decreased in size as the letter took on each hue of the spectrum in incremental steps or randomly as slowly or quickly as you wanted


in the next scene, i was with two acquaintances, beside myself with excitement showing them what it could do


i said "iv'e had this sort of thing has happened before. the member of the staff in the company responsible for designing and/or publishing a web page had added to the page an overly generous offer and made it available on the internet for a fraction of a second knowing that at the exact moment it was made available there was only a one in a million chance that someone might also at that same exact moment click the download after purchasing it" and i went on to tell the guys in the dream of two awake-time instances about five years apart when i came across two great deals but when i went to buy them for the second time the page no longer had the offer on it although the url was the same


first dream


the name of the dream: not if i've got anything to do with it


this dream was set in a large village environment (about a thousand families)


a preliminary meeting of less than half a dozen people was gathered with the purpose of forming policy


it was believed that i would want a key position in the administrative/policy-forming committee


someone suggested that certain aspects of the admin structure should have an elevated or privileged position


an outlook that had obviously been envisaged by a few people who had already assumed that they would be making the important or crucial decisions and it smacked of self-interests


one person said ... "it will be us who... "


the group/clique mentality was beginning to take root


my hackles were up


i said loudly and demeaningly "us ! " and again "us ! "


i was determined not to let the group/clique mentality take hold


someone was "hushing" me in an imploring way as the dream ended