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the name of the dream: technology troubles


two or three men had called on me where i am living now


there was a disruption of world-wide communication systems


the cause of the problem was beyond the atmosphere of the earth and out of the scope of the means to repair it


the men who had called on me were hoping there was a remedy of a theoretical nature which hadn't been envisaged


at one point i asked rhetorically what time it was as i looked at my wrist watch


i couldn't see the face of the watch clearly so i turned the kitchen light on


there was a lingering silence of four or five seconds while waiting for the neon tube to flicker on


notes 1


vividness is a measure of the liklihood that the dream will or has happened and that the dream will either become more vivid or less vivid each Undulation


a participant in a dream is to experience some or all of the content of the dream and it is also thought to be something which the dreamer has experienced in the past, present or future


an observer is an event, experience, etc. you have witnessed


the category of the dream is for evaluation and reference




vividness: 3.2




the category of the dream: technology: () problem/s: ()