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a new type of montage (Mixed-Theme montage)


approximately eighteen images most of which lasted one second or longer


all of the pictures with the exception of one image had faded from the memory before the entry was written


the one which is clearly remembered is of an exceptionally healthy-looking, shapely body with a slight tan


notes 1


montages occur in Awake-Time conscious


to date all montage sequences have been only as an observer




vividness 3.3 to 4.2




the category of the type of montage: mixed-theme montage (1)






the first time it happened it wasn't a fleeting image but a prolonged image of the bedroom


it was quite startling to see something that clearly with the eyes closed, almost as real as an awake-time image


it unnerved me for a few seconds


it happened three or four times within a week or two


sometimes there would be more shelves in the bedroom than there actually were or the room would be slightly longer or wider but it was unmistakably the bedroom


it wasn't realised at the time but it is now believed that this is a dormant ability which became activated along with other abilities following the Quantum Shock