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the name of the dream

doughnuts, vaping, crazy stairs and a portable organ


the first part of the dream was set in exeter


the details of the narrow streets make the location undisputable


had a five-octave portable organ with me


the straps of the carrying bag of the organ enabled it to be carried by hand or over the shoulder the and it was causing all sorts of problems


the organ was just too big to be carrying around in a small town centre which was jam-packed


had to dodge people while walking and turn it sideways every few steps to avoid knocking into someone


there were a couple of times in the dream when i wondered why it was i was carting it around


in the next theme of the dream i had a craving for jam doughnuts and there were three or four scenes of me going into different shops


bought three or four doughnuts in one shop


the woman at the counter was friendly and handed me a white paper bag with the doughnuts in them


they were polished them off in record time


the taste of the warm jam and sugar was one of the many stand-out features of this unusually vivid dream


but still, the craving for more was asserting itself


not wanting to reveal my weakness for sugary things bought the next bag at another shop and they satisfied the craving


it was a couple more scenes before it was realised i had not got the organ with me anymore and it would mean retracing all the previous scenes of the dream to find it


the theme of the dream changed and i was on concrete stairs with iron railings


couldn't get my body to turn the tight corners of the stairs and got stuck


a six-foot-four awake-time buddy of thirty years ago appeared in the dream and showed me how to contort my body around the corners of the stairs


the follow-on scene of this scene was the apartment at the top of the stairs


it was a large room with eight of us in it


can remember taking in the layout of the room and the people and how spacious it was and feeling envious that i didn't have accommodation like this which could seat about twenty people in comfort


four people were sitting on a sofa and chairs about five metres away and four of us were sitting at a table


to my left was a petite girl of about twenty


she had porcelain-coloured skin and looked like a doll


she was wearing a tight-fitting, loose-knitted white cardigan


she was determined to engage me in conversation and got my attention when she showed me an e-ciggie she had bought that very day


there was a bit of conversation about the merits of vaping and then the dream started to become externalised


"when i first bought one there was the decision of whether to get a twelve-strength vape or a three-strength. (the dream became fully externalised during the next sentence) i tried a six-strength tobacco flavoured liquid but it was too harsh and i settled for a fruit-flavoured one, it was raspberry i think."


woke to the sound of my own voice, again




vividness 3.4 to 3.8 - participant - the category of the dream: multi-themed dream (25 ?)