2017 november 12


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window-breaking dream


was outside the house i lived throughout my teens


when first recollecting the dream upon waking i got the impression i was walking towards the house, although after replaying the scene a couple of times the impression was that i was an observer


it was undoubtedly the house i lived at for more than two decades except for one detail, a window about a metre high and two-thirds of a metre wide


the bottom of the window started about half a metre from the ground


if the house being described had a window in the place being described then a person looking through it would have seen the front door, the stairs and the door to the living room


there was a teenage boy at the window


i recognised the boy as someone who was in the same class as me in school

(my ref; c.t.)


the teenager had a piece of 4" x 2" wood in his hand and as i looked at him he drew it back and smashed the window


in the next scene, he was at the front door of the house being let in


he was obviously deranged which meant my family were at risk


in the next scene, he was sitting on the sofa and my mother and father were sitting in the matching armchairs either side of the sofa


i glanced a quick glance at my parents and said "didn't you hear the window being smashed ?", if i didn't say it out loud then it was a loud thought, my parents didn't say or do anything


i grabbed both sides of the front of the teenager's jacket with my right hand, pulled him towards me and said: "what the hell are you doing ?"


the teenager didn't say anything but was looking at me without any concern


i realised he wasn't aware he had done anything wrong and that he was mentally disturbed and further realised that my reaction wasn't going to be constructive


i put my right arm under his head and my left arm under the joints of his knees and lifted him up and laid him on the sofa


i think i said something at this point in the dream but can't remember it if i did


the dream ended here






time-tense 9, 6


qod 2.7


qos 3.7


p and o ?




nothing in the thoughts of the pde's points to this dream


not the teenager from school or a teenager on the rampage, no thoughts or sounds of breaking glass, no thoughts of the parents, no thoughts of something related to the house, nothing




three possibilities... 1 watched a t.v. programme about a killer-psychopath the day before the pde's which would make this a

Delayed-Theme Dream


if the theme/contents of dreams are going to be linked to experiences from days, months and years before a dream the value of the interpretation of dreams of this type will become unconvincing


2... it's a plant by you-know-who and the significance of the dream will become apparent in the future


3... this is a new category of dreams not yet understood


notes 2 17102014


on the off-chance that the people who are now living at the house in this dream done some improvements to the house and put a window in the same place as the one in the dream, i

googled-earthed it


lo and behold, there was a window there albeit only half the size of the one in the dream


at first, i was amazed but then noticed that the people living next door had done the exact same



so had the occupiers of the house next to that and so had... then it dawned on me...


the window had always been there !


i must have looked at that wall from the same angle as in the dream ten thousand times over the decades and equally, i must have looked through it for just as many times from the inside of the house, so...


dreams theory postulate one


inter-undulation memories are more accurate than present-tense memories


this postulate makes assigning time-tenses more accurate and optimises the quality of a situation or circumstance


the time-tense for this dream is now 1, 2 or 4