2017 november 14


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celebrity dream: r.w.


was at big arc-shaped bridge in a built up area, probably london


was talking to a celebrity about the politics of what was happening in the country


i said "did you know that only three per-cent of the surface area of the country is built upon ?"


he replied "i want to think about things in my own way"


i felt he knew what was what with the politics of this country but was reluctant to do anything about it


and with that he made off with some haste





time-tense 3, 4,


qod 2.7


qos 3.8






thought about a three or four-sentence conversation with a young man a couple of years ago


in the very brief conversation i brought up the point about the refusal of the government to build on the land and he tried to defend it by saying that most of the land was unarable


i countered by saying "i'm talking about houses"




in notes 2 from the third of this month i said i would have to enter every dream regardless of whether it seemed significant or not


that still holds true but the problem is some of the details in dream contains explicit x material of some very well known people, in this dream it was ray winstone


in isn't the case in this dream but it does mean that dreams theory may never be complete


if it ever gets to the point where important understandings are unable to be shared beacause of embarrassment to others then this reason for not making a dream an entry will have to be put to one side


notes 2


that people with a priviledged position in society would rather keep their lifestyle than speak the truth is a constant source of irritaton to this website


ordinary people aren't compromised in this way and are thus able to remain more closely aligned to the expansive nature of life


i spoke to an elderly lady, a staunch royalst, who didn't try to deny princess diana was assassinated but rejoined by saying "the queen didn't have anything to do with it"


people know the truth but are too scared to say anything