2017 november 3


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ball/s floating in liquid


this dream was about a scoring system


the value of the thing being scored was displayed by a dark-coloured ball in a thin transparent square container which had liquid in it


the container was about three diameters of the ball in width and five ball-diametres high, the container/s could have been any size


the liquid in the container was responsive and could, very subtlely, change colour


the ball rose and wavered and fell in the container as its rating rose or fell


in the second scene, there were three or four of the transparent containers which looked as if they were joined together


my attention focused on one container in particular, probably because it had the most movement in it


inside the container, there was a light-grey small, wispy column which changed its shape, like smoke in a still room


the light-grey column of the smoke-shaped liquid was about the height of a ball and as i looked at it the width varied from one-seventh to one-sixth of one ball-width




time-tense 2 or 5


it doesn't seem likely that the technology being described here will have been developed within the writer's lifetime


the only way it could happen is if d-man begin sharing their technology with us

(see Lead Article)


qod 3


qos 3.1


p/o ?




the pde which brought this dream about was the scores being given at a weight-lifting competition i watched on the telly


there was argy-bargy about whether the referees had got some of the scorings right or not


in the programme, the decisions were close calls but it is the case that life has the ability to be meticulous about the most insignificant thing




thinking about it, a scoring system, or any situation with serious consequences, which had a qualitative attachment would be useful when decisions are based on measuring devices which are too crude to measure a difference


thinking about it further, a liquid substance which reacts to the prescence of consciousness seems feasible

(see the Act of Observation)


notes 2


wasn't going to make this dream into an entry but like those times when we throw something away only to find a use for it later, all dreams regardless of their seeming insignificance will have to be entered


if it's in a dream it's there for a reason !


this dreams thing is taking over my life !