2017 november 6


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a tired john and a concerned relative


the dream starts with me waking from a sleeping position and feeling tired, very tired


the first thing i see is a mature young man looking at me


the male is either the brother or a son of the woman i'm in a relationship with


he says "i can go and get you a black leather mattress or if you don't want that i will take you home"


he's talks in a no-nonsense manner and his tone of voice and look tells me it's time to make a choice


the situation is... i'm sleeping in the living room and he doesn't like it


people in a relationship sleep together


he's too sensitive to towards his mother/sister to ask questions about the sleeping arrangements but knows something isn't as it should be


i was touched that he would take on the expense and go to the trouble of getting a new mattress and said "you would do that for me" and then "give me a minute to wake up please"


i was waking from the sleep as i heard myself saying the last sentence


before the dream ended there was a final picture or scene of me looking at myself in the mirror


i had dark bags under my eyes and looked unwell (this is the stand-out part of the dream)


i don't remember looking that unwell in this lifetime





time-tense for first scene 3, 6, 7


qod 2.8


qos 2.5




time-tense for second scene/picture 3, 5, 9




in the first scene i am participating


the mirror scene, i now realise, was as an observer


this is the first dream i am aware of when i am both particpant and observer in the same dream!




tried resting to the fullest extent during the day to see if lying down all day was beneficial


this dream tells me it's not


too much rest or inactivity during any given day is not in accordance with what we can/should be doing


there is an optimum minimum/maximum movement/rest ratio for every individual


it is time to start tieing dreams in with Metabolic Maintenance to get a more accurate picture


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