2017 november 8


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Dance The Mood Fantastic


they don't come much better than this


a sunny summer's day


in the precinct in the centre of town


it is a two-tier precinct


when the architect originally conceived the design for the precinct he imagined spacious, uncluttered access to every part of the precinct with plenty of room for people to manoeuvre with their large bags of designer outfits and such


in this precinct in this time, mature-teens had turned the precinct into a socially-oriented gathering place


shopping sprees were incidental to the overriding impulse to meet new people and enjoy life


in places in the precinct there were clumps of people who were shopping but, overwhelmingly, it was the youth culture which gave the precinct its character


the teens were the people who were leading life and i was one of the responsible teens and, boy, on this day i was humming with vibrancy


there was a melody somewhere, it might have just been in my head, which had a beat which was causing me to tap my thighs and lightly, almost imperceptibly, skip and sway


swinging to the left, slowing and then picking up the pace


lightly slapping out on the beat on my thighs, on the walls, on the glass of the shop-fronts, occasionally expressing the beat on the side the bag of somebody's shopping


i was on the second-tier now and was headed toward a cafe with outside-seating when the melody and beat diminished and very nearly, but not quite, faded out


there was still a song in my mood but that was almost washed away as i neared to eight or ten girls in summer clothes


five or six of the girls were seated, totally relaxed and were smiling that smile which only women who want, and can give more life, have


but it was the three or four girls who were standing which channelled my concentration


there was one who was breathtakingly good-looking


she didn't stir the emotions, she elevated the spirit


it brought out in a person the recognition that true beauty was an elevated position to which we all aspire


she was something which life produces in very small quantities


too many of her would make the rest of us feel inadequate, unsubstantial


still, my mood hadn't changed and one of the girl's friends standing next to the beauty caught my attention


she was a plain beauty, or did she just seem plain by comparison ?


it didn't matter, i know a good thing when i see it, and when she looked at me i knew we would be good for each other


the dream ended with me carrying on my way, as i had before encountering the girls


dreams don't come much better than this




time-tense 1, 2, 4


qod 4.4


qos 4








a noticeable improvement of movement during the day




was thinking about he-whose-name-you-dare-not-speak and how his femininity comes through in women




a young girl i spoke to on the bus a couple of weeks ago






because my recovery back to mobility is a long process i am acutely aware of the slightest improvement which causes feelings of jubilation and in turn gets blown out of all proportion in dreams




femininity can be seen as the biological mechanism through which love/life implements eternity's command to increase endlessly


the beauty in this dream epitomises love/life's multiplicative nature in mammal man-shaped beings




the young girl on the bus is the plain beauty in the dream


since that brief encounter i have realised it was an opportunity lost to implement an idea from more than a year ago


yesterday it was prominent in my thoughts and i resolved not to let a chance like that pass by again


if the young girl should read this...


other notes


there were three stand-out moments in this dream


the beauty, the plain beauty and the opening sequence


with the exceptionof the "fade-out" at the end of the dream, which was about one-tenth of the whole dream, it was all stand-out


it was while wondering what women in the far-off future will be like that it occurred to me that i haven't yet had a dream that takes place in space


get ready for some really stand-out space-dreams