2017 october 15


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qod 2 p 10




first dream


the whole of this bit of a dream which lasted for about ten seconds of dream-time was the feeling of being unwell


it took just a few seconds after waking to realise what produced it... the last thing i ate before going to sleep was a heavily-laden ham sandwich


second dream


qod 2.9 p 10




a girl in her mid-teens had a rabbit as a pet


the rabbit was frisky in a way i wouldn't have imagined was possible


the girl was taking great delight from watching the antics of the rabbit


third dream




qod 2.7 qos 3.3 p or o


in the dentist's chair


can remember the dentist's face and his serious look and his determined manner


can see the syringe in the dentist's hand as he comes towards me


i see the syringe going into my mouth


didn't feel a thing




a reminder people, if there's any pain in a dream, i've only ever had one,

you need to identify the cause as a matter of urgency




have had a run of animal dreams over the last ten days


didn't enter them into the diary because they didn't seem to be significant


will now cross-check them against **** *****