2017 october 18


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time-tense 1, 3, 4


qod 3.8 qos 3.5 p


was lying down recuperating or recovering from something


a medical carer was near


an emergency call came through for my carer but he couldn't go


i decided i could do something


i was on my feet and making for the destination the carer couldn't go to as fast as i could run


i remember having to hold onto the sides of a car parked alongside the road of a busy pedestrian street and squeeze past three or four people to keep the momentum going



i broke into a sprint and that took me about fifty or sixty metres to the edge of a big drop which was too big to jump down



looking down i could see the ground i was standing on covered a historical structure which had a large wrought-iron gate which must have been hundreds of years old


if i was careful it would be possible to lower myself onto the top of the gate and if i could keep my balance i could bend down and get a grip of the gate


it was slightly dangerous but i managed to do it


as i was scaling down the gate which was about three metres high there were people on the other side of the gate and it looked as though they were tourists looking around the structure which i assumed had historical significance


when i was on the ground i broke into a run again and was weaving my way around various impediments which prevented me from running in a straight line to my destination


i was moving at a pace when the dream ended




the previous day's experiences which caused this dream was the feeling i had as i was part-way through a new and expanded exercise routine of squats and deadlifts which were the most intense i had done for two or more years and made me feel healthy


my forearms are still noticeably bigger fifteen hours later!