2017 october 20


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time-tense 1, 2, 3, 4


qod 3.9 qos 3.5 o 10


there were two dreams which were remembered in this sleep


both had a holiday theme to them


the second dream is the one of significance


there were three sequences


two of them were aerial views and the third was looking down but at street level


at first, i thought it was a holiday resort but then realised it was something much grander


there was an air of excitement with lots of colour


the two sequences which stand out were the aerial scenes


the first one looked as though the scene was being viewed from a mountain-top about three kilometres away looking down onto a promenade


in this scene, the view took in about eight hundred metres of the sea


there were hundreds and hundreds of people along the promenade with the greatest concentration of people at the departure point where a boat which looked like it could ferry about two hundred people at a time was accepting boarders


this scene also showed the boat which had previously departed and it was about five hundred meters across the bay


the second sequence looked like it was being seen from a satellite


it showed the entire expanse of water between the departure and arrival points and five kilometres of the land of on either side of the water


there were three boats like the one in the first scene at an equal distance from one another at various points of the crossing


all three boats left a two-boat-length wake as they were moving


i would say they were moving at fifteen to twenty kilometres an hour


the destination point was bustling, almost a bazaar


i got the sense it was somewhere in southern europe although, depending on the time-tense, it could have been anywhere


the view being described was a 24/7 live-feed which was the, or one of the, most watched live-feeds in the world


the thing about the dream is that there wasn't a two-way flow of the boats


all three of the boats in the aerial scene was going one way


this, again, depending on the time-tense, has been and/or will be, the most orderly migration of people in the history of the planet


this could mean the boats were being made on the side of the water people were departing from and being used for a completely different purpose afterwards


thinking about this dream two days later, the boats could be used for children's playhouses


this dream opens up yet another point to take into consideration when formulating dreams...


this dream could reasonably be seen as any class of man-shaped being... dinosaur class, mammal class, the class which follows the mammal class or any of the classes of man-shaped being which are scheduled to emerge over the millennia and milliards to come




abbreviations for classes of beings...


d-man = dinosaur man


m-man = mammal man


a-man = all man-shaped beings