2017 october 22


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time-tense 1, 2, 3, 4


qod 3.9 qos 3.3 p 10


was living on the first or second floor in perfectly acceptable accommodation in a block of flats

i went to a neighbour to ask for some coffee


he was dressed in slightly formal casual clothes

there was another man in the flat


he gave me a quick look of polite recognition and i was forgotten

the man who opened the door was congenial enough and some sentences passed between us


a girl walked into the room

she was slim, veering toward gangly


she was wearing a tightish two-piece dark suit and a white shirt or blouse

she had the mary quant hairstyle that was one or two centimetres longer than the original style and the bottom of her hair splayed out all around her head except for her forehead


she was wearing glasses that were fashionable

i didn't think that she was my cup of tea


she spoke a couple of sentences to the man who opened the door to me

on the third sentence, in response to something the man said, she mentioned a male and broke out into a prolonged and delightful chuckle


with a startling immediacy, i knew that whatever she was on the outside it was housing a fabulous personality and i had to get to know her

was waiting for my chance to join in the conversation when the dream ended