2017 october 23


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qod 2.9 qos 3.2 p

i was given a supervisory order by the courts


it meant travelling fifteen kilometres to the people who were doing the supervising

it was a sunny day and when i got there i had to go around to the back of the house


it was a fenced garden

a young male man, who was also under a supervision order, was at the gate to let me in


we had taken a couple of steps into the garden and the young man said "the car isn't working"

that meant it would be a great inconvenience for getting back home


there were four elderly people sitting at a table and looked to be having a good time

one of the two women looked at me and said "that's him"


as i was walking the twenty metres to where the four people were sitting i could feel my walking becoming more deliberate (this was the stand-out bit of the dream)

it dawned on me that the four people saw the supervision of people as something of an event and it produced in them an air of superiority


i also realised that the car was working and inconveniencing me was something i would have to like

they were going to "toy around with me" and i was supposed to take it


i was forming a verbal attack of them in my head when the dream ended