2017 october 24


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qod 3.8 qos 3.9 p



this think-read dream began as a dream and continued through the stages between deep-sleep to being fully conscious


if you ever find yourself in a think-read dream you'll come to realise just how laborious they can be


they really do tax a person's ability to concentrate


to continue... eventually, the writing in the dream stretched out to about two-hundred and fifty to three-hundred words



it was part of report which done a study of couples and procreation


in brief, it found that nearly all of those who planted their seed in the "garden" were successful in their attempts to create life whereas those who viewed sexual activity as "happy hunting grounds" were only successful one time in ten


the words "garden" and "happy hunting grounds" was used often in the text i was reading in the dream and are not terms that are familiar to me in the context they were written


if there has been a study of couples as mentioned above and the terms mentioned are used then there's an interesting interpretation which can be attached to this dream


if such a report doesn't exist then this dream can be assigned to a specific time-sense




this was the most elaborate think-read dream to date


it's with a bit of an apology that this website has to declare that its most prominent dream-theme is x dreams


the reason for so many x dreams is because this website is acutely aware that our numerical value, when viewed within the context of eternity, is appallingly small


further, no matter how many of us there are, it will always be an appallingly small number


the more the merrier attitude in no way expresses the situation in which life finds itself


there is a primal driving force which underpins our existence and which is compelling life... you must, forever, be increasing


the dominance of x dreams reflects our position


again, view life not as a by-product of eternity but as an extension or continuance of eternity


second sleep




qod 2.6 p 10


a three-girl dream


in this dream, the dreamer is entrusted to look out for the best interests of the girls


they were all in their early twenties with that demeanour which men find attractive and typically they trusted men


my lifestyle was a bit hectic but by and large handling this type of situation as well within my scope


they were getting ready for a social evening and they all wanted to bathe


there was only one bathroom but it was large enough for the needs of the three girls


i was organising everything which would be needed to make the evening's activities a success


inexscusably, at one stage i became totally absorbed in one specific part of the organising and forget about the girls


i was a full twenty minutes out of sync when i remembered that the girls didn't have towels and i hadn't shown them where the towels were


by the time i got to the bathroom the girls had finished bathing and the bathroom had got too cold for comfort


they were wet, didn't have the means to dry themselves down and were looking despondent


i turned the heating on got the towels and made my exit hoping as i left that the girls would not let my mistake affect their enjoyment of the evening