2017 october 25


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laughing dream (pool table)


there was a dream before this one which was also humorous


have forgotten most of the details though

this dream...


there were three of us, all males, playing pool


it was a good-natured atmosphere with lots of Banter


when someone played a good shot one of the players would say "he relies on flukes" or "i'm glad i don't have to rely on flukes to win"

the trick was to reply with an equally sharp remark "it's funny how opponents usually say that when they know they're losing"

or " you do realise you have to pay up even if all your opponents shots are flukes"


it was my turn to play a shot...


it was a difficult shot and i didn't expect to get it nor did the other two


there were three balls clustered around the bottom-right pocket

i knew the theory that needed to be applied to make the pot but it was well beyond my abilities


all i knew was that it was a slow ball


i made a slow deliberate stroke which sent the white ball down the table at a snail's pace


as i watched it i had a feeling...


i started walking, following the ball down the table not daring to really think it would do what it could do


as it reached the contact point with the first ball it was barely moving


i moved in closer to see what would happen


the cue ball seemed to go into slow motion


i was mesmerised


i got closer still


i bent over to within half a metre of where the balls were and placed my hands, one hand on the left-hand side of the corner of the table and the other on the right-hand corner of the table, and leant over into the table


my position at the table blocked the view of the balls from the other two guys


to my sheer amazement, the result i knew was possible but never thought would happen, happened, the cue-ball knocked the balls perfectly and i made the shot


it looked even better seeing it through the eyes than it did in the imagination


it was one of those moments in your life when you realised you had "it" in you do world-class things


i stood up and turned and looked at my two mates expecting them to be nodding with ackowledging with what was a superlative act of precision but they were looking at me with a mixture and disgust and disdain


then the penny dropped... they thought i had helped the ball into the pocket with my hand


teasing remarks were an acceptable part of the game but using your hands !


it had lowered the game to below an acceptable standard


it would have been hopeless to try and persuade them


i began laughing at the Irony of it


i was the only person who would see the best shot i would ever make


the more i laughed the more disgusted the other two became and the more disgusted they looked the more i laughed


i woke up still laughing hard




this is the fourth or fifth laughing dream this year


a few years back two or more laughing dreams a week were the norm


an appraisal of the pde's revealed the thoughts, feelings and actions which caused this laughing dream


they may start to become regular again