2017 october 26


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a quick kiss




qod 4 qos 3 p


got chatting to a girl in a shopping mall or it might have been a large office


we were standing


at one point in the conversation, she said when she got home there was a programme and a film she wanted to watch


it sounded very much like an invitation


i let her know that i was interested by referring to another film which had the same actor which i said was worth watching


she became even friendlier and the tone of the conversation became relaxed


i suggested getting groceries for a meal on the way back to her place


she was saying something in reply to my suggestion when, as smooth as silk between two of her words, she leant forward and kissed me without breaking the flow of what she was saying


her expression didn't change as, while or after the quick kiss and i didn't see it coming


it was a natural spontaneous show of her feelings


it was the stand-out part of the dream


a natural, strong bond had formed and it was going to be a long-term relationship




usually in a kissing dream the sensation of the kiss is the stand-out moment


in this dream, the sensation of the kiss was only incidental to the emotional sense of happiness