2017 october 28


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two x dreams and a car dream


the street where i lived was on an incline and at the bottom of the street is a t-junction


for a few hundred metres to the left and right of the junction is a row of houses


the houses have a one-way access/exit road for the residents


the access-road is necessary because just a metre or two from the access-road is a busy dual carriageway


i turned right at the junction, i think i was on my way to see a family who used to live two doors from where i was born and had moved because they had more children than that house could accommodate, and as i was walking along the pavement of the houses that run parallel to the carriageway someone i knew stopped in his car


scene two


we are driving on the carriageway


a police car appeared behind us and is flashing its lights


the driver of the car i am in started accelerating and kept accelerating


the sense of acceleration and the powerful thudding of the engine was the stand-out part of the dream


before the dream ended we were moving at least one hundred and seventy-five kilometres an hour




the only thing in the pde's which might have caused this dream were thoughts concerning cars


because of this thoughts are being assigned as the major factor in forming the theme of a dream


there's another entry from a few years back which lists the things which were then considered to be the major factors in the forming of the content of dreams


it may be revealing, when there is a database to tap into and find it, to discover if thoughts were thought to be the major influencing factor then too



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